1.Kiss Your Mommy Dub
2.Santa Santur
3. Dubbing Wonderland
4. Santa Clause Reshuffle
5. Hasidoctagonal
6. Oh Dub All Ye Children
7. Piano Interlude
8. Angelique's Holyism
9. GIn Gin Jingling
10. Feliz Navidub
11. Massive Kitten Attack
12. Merry Ismas
13. Cold Twinkle Outside
14. Silent Night Version
15. Agave Maria
16. First Wu Noel Tango
17. We Will Rock You
18. Ape Man Bear Cub Dub 19. The Night Before
20. Auld Lang Sine W
The perfect gift for that music lover who has heard it all before.
Guaranteed never heard, 'cuz I just finished it.

Dub, Downtempo, and Hip Hop Beats mixed with classic Christmas, Hanukkah, and Global Holiday songs

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Words Cannot Describe, So Listen Below
Average Customer Review: 5
Great Musiczigzagkc02 wrote on November 29, 2007
"Loved the album, almost sounds like a mix between RJD2 and DJ Shadow when he was good...Definitely worth the $9"
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If DJ Shadow or Thievery Corporation did Holiday music this would be it. Using vinyl, cd's, samplers, and even old fashioned effects units, Jahfirm has created the ultimate holiday mix. Familiar enough to sing along with but unique enough that you'll be the first on your block to have the Auld Lang Sine hip hop remix to play on New Year's Eve!

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